Luminess Shine Mist
Luminess Shine Mist

Luminess Shine Mist

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CHOZEN Symetri formally know as BASIC Hair Care. Is the system I choose to use in my salon. Every product goes hand in hand to give you a healthy and strong hair care regime.

THE CHOZEN SYMETRI SYSTEM is not available in stores. However I do sell a few retail products here and in the shop!

Chozen Symetri Luminess Shine Mist is a premium blend of cutting edge silicones and argon oil that gives the hair a luminous shine. It enhances overall hair condition and can be used as a heat protectant. Apply Luminess Shine Mist to any finished style for a long lasting shine. 


-conditions and protects hair

-cobtrols frizz 

-color protection 

-long lasting glossy shine

-elegant and velvety feel

-heat protectant 

-water repellent